Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My post partum slimming took a little longer (cont...)

Hi, I'm back with my slimming progress.

1st monthWeight: 64kg. Confinement month. I was prohibited to step out of the house. The confinement lady Mrs Loh cooked a lot of heaty and fattening food, but my appetite has immediately gone back to same as before pregnant. Mrs Loh complained to my mother almost everyday, “Your daughter eat so little. She’s on diet so fast after delivery? My pevious customer ate 1 whole chicken a day!” Goodness….

2nd monthWeight: still > 60kg. Still on maternity leaves. Back to normal meals and diet. My weight somehow dropped a little as my water retention has dropped (no more swollen legs, scary). But still couldn’t fit my old clothes. I asked for company from my girl friends to shop around boutiques at Bangsar to renew my closet. There was nothing I could do for slimming first 2 months after delivery, as I went through c-section, so everyone was stopping me from slimming courses or traditional massages treatments.

3rd monthWeight: 58kg, and it just stopped there :( I was supposed to do something about it, but then realized that I had to spend most of my time with Jasper Boy. Plus, I haven’t done up my action plan!

6th monthWeight: 55kg. This time, it was really stagnant there and wouldn’t move at all. Still couldn’t fit myself to my old clothes. My body shape was out. Sigh…Out of desperation, I called up the Cres My Slimming Room at Lot 10 for some advice, tempted to consider to sign up for a slimming course. Why I chose Cres? Simply because they are using Cellnique products. I rely on Cellnique facial products a lot, and had no clue about which other slimming centres/products are reliable, so just made my choice based on familiarization.

The friendly beauty advisor Hui Ling mentioned that my problem was not really serious, just need some toning and firming. Her suggestions:-

** Electropolysis – Aim to tone and rebuild muscles.

** Ultrasonolysis - Use of low frequency ultrasound waves to break down fats at the same time increase metabolism.

** Meals – No strict diet needed, but have to cut down carbo intake. The variety of food intake was advised during my weekly visits. Sometimes she would advise to eat a lot of meat with small amount of rice/no rice for that particular week, as meat could help burn fat at faster pace. Other times she would ask to eat a lot of vege (selected), also with less rice, for the whole week. Some days I would go for normal meals, with grapefruit (which I find it a bit sour and bitter) after each lunch/dinner which help to burn fat as well. Actually out of all, I believe the main emphasis here is “LESS CARBO”….

9th monthWeight: 46kg. I’m finally myself again.

Me + young sis 2 days before delivery (68kg)

Me + Jasper Boy Dec 2009 (46 kg)

I passed by the Cres My Slimming Room at Lot 10 few months after that, and found that the shop has been closed, and space rented by a new facial saloon. Just got to know that there is one outlet opened in Gardens Mall.

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Anonymous said...

Does Cres slimming really works? Coz i just sign up with them which include 20 sessions of electropolysis and ultrasonolysis + hand massage + hot blanket. Im same with u, just after give birth with c-section and gain extra 20 kg during pregnancy.

So would like to get advise from u, does slimming course really works and how many session u take to slim as your previous weight?

Hope to hear from u. Thank u.