Saturday, May 1, 2010

My post partum slimming took a little longer

Naturally, slimming is an issue bothering and wandering around my mind during pregnancy. One of the main negative points that cause us ladies to get worry about having babies is apparently gaining tremendous weight due to over eating to satisfy one's cravings that is so so so difficult to get rid of .....fats on waist, cellulite on thighs, looser and sagging butt etc.

I delivered Jasper Boy in July 2008. I still remember the first time when I went to my check up and confirmed that I was pregnant for 7 weeks, the nurse at the clinic took my weight. It was 47kg (My height is 161cm). After that every time when I went for my regular check up on monthly basis, my weight gained pretty slow. When I reached my 7th month pregnancy, Doctor Tan asked me,"Are you on diet? Your baby is a little too small and you should start worrying a little about it. With your baby's current growing progress, he (yes, it's a boy!) might later come out under weight to about 2.8-2.9kg, which is not healthy." That time was around my 6th month pregnancy and my weight was about 55kg.

And actually, some of my colleagues had just noticed that I got pregnant that time. One of the Finance Manager (whom I met in office every now and then, and already a mother of 2 kids) asked, "Wow, you are pregnant, wonderful. With this size, I think it's about 2 or 3 months right?" What! You must be kidding me. In fact, I didn't actually go on any diet at the point of time. My appetite was exactly the same as before I was pregnant, except that I was craving for sweeties a lot of time. I liked red bean soup or bubur chacha after dinner, and every morning before go to work, I would buy some sweet buns and candies (especially Mentos in berry flavours) from the convenience store opposite my office building and put at my work place for the convenience to satisfy my cravings for the day. Particularly, not to forget, my favourite sweeties during that time was the japanese when I saw it 's sold somewhere I would surely grab a pack or two. Sweet sweet sweet stuff, sigh, I should feel lucky that I didn't get diabetic because of that. Anyhow, I started to increase my number of meals, and continue with the sweet stuff.

My whole pregnancy was smooth. My calcium level was good, sugar level was fine, and my baby was in healthy conditions all the time (even though there was 1 time I accidentally fell down from a staircase in my 5th month pregnancy, thank God for His blessings) I asked the Doctor Tan whether I'm having a healthy baby free from sickness especially down syndrome, she assured me again and again and again. She told me that if a baby has physical shortage or sickness, it can be detected via ultrasound screening which I was doing in every check ups. However if the baby has minor mental problem, it couldn't be detected via normal scanning.

For the last 2 month of my pregnancy my weight flew like nobody business. When I went for more frequent check ups as my delivery due date was getting nearby, Doctor Tan got a surprise and asked "What have you been eating? Your weight flies so much,"

I went through my delivery through cesareans, and stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. I had to lie on bed whole day the first day after the operation, and managed to get up from bed to take a walk around the second day. I still remember when I was wandering around, some of the people thought that I was still pregnant and was waiting for delivery sad...I started to get more worry and determined to find a way to slim down!
I was 68kg in my 9th month pregnancy. And my baby came out at 3.25kg, perfectly healthy weight. On one hand I was glad to be able to make it for my baby, but there was a feeling of guilt on the other hand, which I think only ladies could understand. Why? 68kg (total weight) - 3.25kg (my baby's weight) = 64.75kg (My weight!). Oh my God! (to be continue...)

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