Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you like online shopping? I'm a fan of it

Online shopping is getting common and popular nowadays, I mean in Malaysia. I see more and more online sellers selling clothes and fashion accessories through blogshops, facebook and links listed in a variety of online shopping portals/directories. These are the categories of products which myself browse through the internet the most, almost everyday. Many of these sellers as I know are students or young working group who intend to earn extra pocket money or as secondary income source. And anyway, fashion is always an interest for ladies right!

A lot of people out there are still sceptical about online shopping. The most frequent doubts are no other than
***how do I know the quality of the products? Application of Photoshop skills is so common to conceal imperfections,
***what if I never receive the item after paid? Where should I look for the store owner?***what if I’m not satisfied with the item received?
***I still have to wait for at least a few days for the item to reach me….sigh ….

On the other hand, one may find bunches of convenience via online shopping.
~~~You can do shopping 24 hours a day as long as you have an internet connection (shop at your own comfort!),
~~~no long Qs for trying out clothes and make payment,
~~~you can take your time to choose and decide on the item you like to get,
~~~no disturbance by the persistent sales girl following you around the shop and keep recommending stuff that you have zero interest in, and
~~~you get to choose and buy stuff from various places (locally, from other towns and even overseas) that are not sold at your frequently hang out areas .

Comments on online shopping are really subject to personal views and experience.

I have been quite an active online shopper especially since I have Jasper Boy with me, and am getting comfortable with it after a few times dealing with blogshop owners and sellers. Most of the stuff that I bought are outfits and fashion accessories. Oh ya, not to forget that my Jasper Boy’s full moon cupcakes were ordered online as well. I was having my confinement and was prohibited to step out from my house for the whole month, I opted for online ordering from
http://myapplekitchen.blogspot.com, and it didn’t disappoint me. The look was nice and lovely, and the taste was not bad. My husband and I went around distributed the cupcakes to our friends and relatives to celebrate and share our happiness for our new family member. Happy moments. As for clothing, I would normally place orders on free size or stretchable items. I’m a size m, and size s on certain brands. The quality was ok overall. But I did experience times whereby there were skirts that I have bought were a bit too loose and had to send for alterations.

One might ask, don’t you enjoy the shopping moments spent with your friends and family? I do actually. I enjoy the brunch and high-tea sessions with my girl friends, went around shopping mall tried out various types of clothes and shoes, and we could give comments to each other. It's a good channel to maintain our relationships which I treasure a lot. I seldom have these sessions nowadays, as most of my time is spent with Jasper Boy. I used to have plenty of time for myself, went shopping after working hours and weekends, facials and hairdos. But now everyday after work, I have to rush rush rush to fetch Jasper Boy from nanny, or I’ll have to see a ‘black face’ from the nanny if I get back too late. During weekends, I’m a full time ‘babysitter’. What to do, it’s an obligation of a mummy, but I’m happy to sacrifice for my boy. Once in a while I’ll ask for assistance from my mum to take care of Jasper Boy so that I could have some personal time with my hubby and to settle my personal stuff.

As an online purchaser, I do have some level of tolerance in terms of quality and outlook since I’m purchasing stuff without able to look at the physical items. If you have the level of tolerance as well, I think you could go for a try. Otherwise, no harm to stick back to our conventional and more secure way of shopping. With my busy daily schedule, this is one of the ways that I could satisfy my desire for shopping through browsing the internet.

Some of the items from my recent online purchase:-

From -Josan Yys-Fashion

From Daily Boutique

From Little Black Book

From -Josan Yys-Fashion

From Sugarz N Spicez

I have some frequent online stores/sellers that I deal with, and I’m exploring more online blogshops to diversify my selections from a variety of online shopping directories:-

fashiono.my: an online shopping guide and fashion review site for Malaysians

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome Back Jo!

Hi, it's been quite a while since I last updated my blog, particularly after I have given birth to my first baby Jasper Boy in July 2008. Since then other than the time spent at my work place, 99% of the remaining hours are for him. It has become my obligation to make sure that he is fed well, his pampers are changed whenever needed, he is taking bath 2 times a day, that he is taken to pediatrician for injections based on the tabulated schedule and make sure he takes his full course of medications when he fell sick. But other than those, Jasper Boy is a pretty lovely boy. He likes to smile a lot! Though he can be mischievous sometimes.

I have gone through a life transformation since the day Jasper Boy has come to this world. I have lost most of my freedom and 'time for myself', but thank to God deep from my heart that He has given me a healthy and lovely boy whom I treasure so much! I would also like to thank my husband a lot that he has been a caring and supportive husband during my pregnancy. He sometimes had to switch his role to an entertainer to please me. Not only that, my whole family members were there for me when Jasper Boy gave the sign that he was ready to come to this world and join us as a new family member after a long long wait for 9 months. I love you all, and Jasper Boy, mummy will love you forever! Muak!

Jasper Boy - 1 month old

Jasper Boy - 6 months old

Jasper Boy - 1 year old

Jasper Boy - now