Friday, November 2, 2007

Skin start to age? No no...

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Sigh..... aging skin, an issue which strucked my mind recently, and I believe this is definitely an issue which is a concern of almost all girls and women out there. I have read a fashion magazine recently (you know, reading and flipping through fashion magazines is one of my routine interests), and gone through an article mentioning that nowadays even the young age hollywood stars (age 20 - 23) are taking botox injection to stay young and look youthful. I think it's a bit over, but, but, I do agree that girls, especially those at age 25 and above, should start taking more care of their skin conditions especially in terms of aging.

Talking about staying young, I immediately thought of my mum, who is coming to 56 Dec this year, and yet, still look like 40's. When I compared my mum with her friends at her age, I have to admit that she does look admirable. Some more, some of her friends even said "looking at you, I don't believe if you say that you are not using any anti-anging products". Therefore when this aging concern strucked my mind, I called my mum for advice. Her advice was - start taking collagen.

Collagen, I've heard of it many times, and aware that it contained in a lot of skin care products for both internal/external use. However, I'm not really sure what is it and how will it benefit our skin. So, where is the best place to get to know more? Of course, the internet. After browsing through the web, I've managed to locate some useful info about collagen.

This is what I've found - "Collagen is the natural protein which holds our bodies together. It's an crucial element in maintaining our skin strength and elasticity. From the age of 25, collagen levels start to deplete at a rate of 1.5% every year, and by the age of 40 our bodies stop manufacturing collagen altogether. In other words, over time as this collagen breaks down, this would cause skin to lose its suppleness and begin to wrinkle and sag". Wow.....does this sound scary to you? It surely does to me.

I believe that it is with this theory, a lot of skin care companies and suppliers have taken a step further to perform R&D on this area. Generally, the logic applied is "Re-introducing the correct form of pure collagen back in to your system will stimulate your natural collagen production. And the benefits are simple - skin become smoother, more supple and less wrinkled. There are also other benefits which include preserve and build and replenish lean muscle mass and encourage the body to shed fat, and improve mobility with a lessening of pain associated with arthritis and other joint pains".

Long explanation, but the key words to me here is smoother, supple and less wrinkled skin. In fact, I've just started consuming collagen last 2 weeks. While being skeptical, I think we should sometimes believe in the heavy and vast investments and effort that even the world most famous skin care companies are putting in their research, production and validation of results. And of course, I do hope that I have made the right choice here. This is the first anti-ageing action plan that I've just started in my life. And just to share with you. For guys, can share this with your beloveds as well Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Christine said...

hi Josephine!!Thanks for all your valuable tips..Im 26yrs old so i better start preventing my skin from ageing..:P what do you consume as your collagen source? natural foods as well as supplements??need some advice from you..thanks!!

Josephine said...

Hi Christine. Thanks for your interest. I'm personally consuming the supplement Total Image Collagen. Cause this brand is easy to get from pharmacies. As for external care like body lotion, I would also try to look for those with collagen e.g St. Ives as one of the ingredients in the cream. If you have come across better brands, feel free to share with me too! Thanks