Saturday, November 24, 2007

Get dress up fast and still look fashionable?

How long do you spend on choosing, trying up different matches, and finally satistied with your clothes matched every morning before you leave you home or the night before you go to sleep? This might be an issue hitting some of us who hope to get to dress up fast at any point of time and yet still appear to be fashionable and pretty anytime anywhere.

Good news and thanks to the web again! I've managed to find myself some useful tips in express dressing. These are simple tips, but worth some moments of reading and sharing...

1. Choose clothes that mix and match easily
Whenever you decide to buy a blouse, skirt or pants, try to visualize your wardrobe to make sure that it matches and work well at least 2 or 3 other pieces in your closet. Apparently if you have a too outperform top that is not easy to be matched, the chances you will wear it is greatly reduced. And even if you have the chance to wear it but did not do a good matching job, you would look weird, and feel awkward.

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2. Stick with some primary colours
Choose 3 or 4 primary colours for clothings in your wardrobe, this will ease the mix and match process. Red, blue, green, black, brown, etc., are a lot easier to mix and match than buttercup yellow and tangerine orange. Sound a bit restricted right? But they will actually expand your wardrobe considerably, and also the potential to show your creativity coming out with different styles and feel from mix and match more pieces.

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3. Go for classic styles pieces
Simple theory, basic clothing styles wear longer and mix easier than trendy, "of-the-moment" fashions. To make a difference, add some accessories to enhance you look.

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4. Choose clothes with easy maintenance
Buy clothes that you can and will maintain. If it's "dry clean only" or requires a lot of ironing, it will probably spend more time hanging in your closet that be worn on your back. This definitely against the concept of express clothing.

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5. Go for quality clothing
Choose clothes at the best quality that you can afford, which will last longer, unless if you plan to wear the piece for only few times and throw or give it away.

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In nutshell, to achieve express clothing, you don't need a lot of money or even lots of clothes, but a nice selection of well-chosen pieces and a little time and patience to discover great combinations that you can put to work in your closet. Cheers Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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