Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks to Photofunia!

Heiya, yes, I'm going to talk about beauty again. But this time, it's about beauty of our own personal photos. One of my good friends has earlier showed me a wonderful web site For one who doesn't have strong photoshop skill like myself, but yet wish to have nice and beautiful photos, this is one of the good sites to go for.

And, only few easy steps involved:-

Step 1 - go to

Step 2 - Choose your background

Step 3 - upload your favourite (or not so in favour) photos

Step 4 - Preview your photo and save it!

And most of all, it's free of charge! Thanks to the founder of In fact many of you might have already known about this site long ago, but I'm really enthusiastic to share it with those who are new to it!

I have done up really nice photos for Jasper Boy here. For your viewing pleasure. Cheers

Welcome to Palace of Jasper!

Jasper, the fashion idol

Honey, wanna try my new wheel?

weewit! come on sexy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RM12/day for a complete skin care regime, it's ok right?

With my current tighy daily schedule, I don't really go for facial at beauty salon. The last time I went was 3 years ago. but of course, I do care for my skin fundamentally. My current products in favour = Biotherm + Cellnique, which I'm quite satisfied with the results and conditions of my skin.

My Skin Care Regime :)

Daily Use
Eye Care
Weekly Concentrated Treatments

Daily Routine

Step 1 - wash face with plain water

(the moisturizer and eye gel absorb well into my skin, and get my skin ready for the foundation which blend well. I'm loving it).


(after a long long day outside, with these 3 cleansing steps, I could feel my skin free from dirt and impurities, calm and less stress up. Most importantly, no tight feelings after cleansing but hydrated and refreshed!)

Step 4 - bliv by cellnique - Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel)

(well well, the most important part of the skin care rountine, which is the sebum gel, which I have explained in detailed how I fall in love with it in one of my previous discussion topic.)

Step 5 - AQUASOURCE NON STOP moisturizer

(as it has been promising through commercials, its moisturization and hydration is powerful and calm my skin well. It's doing its job well)

Once a week home treatments
1. Cellnique Skin Purifying Masque

2. Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque

(well, what can I say, it's Cellnique. Everytime after I used the masque, the next day when I go to work, my colleague would ask me, "Jo, did you go for facial? Your face is glowing", I'll just give a simple answer, "No lah". But girls ma, always like complements especially on the fair and smooth skin...heheh....)

I have a simple calculation on exactly how much do I spend on my skin care regime and whether I'm overspending it:-

Skin Care Items RM
AQUASOURCE NON STOP moisturizer 140
bliv by cellnique - Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel) 179
Cellnique Skin Purifying Masque 139
Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque 159
My Total Skin Care Regime Costs 1,061

Average restock period - 3 mths / 90 days
Costs Per Day 12

So darling, with RM12 per day, I think that I'm pampering myself well, and no complaint so far. So, please don't ask me again "why do you have to buy RM100 ++ just for a small bottle of liquid?"....Just because I love my skin..cheers

Monday, May 10, 2010

Body Exfoliation, which is better?

I've started to shop around to look for some good body scrub lately, but still haven't decided on which to buy. I have shortlisted a few, so, I have tried to gathered some info from the net for comparison:-

Biotherm Aquathermale body scrub
Product Description: A dual action body scrub gently buffs away dull and dead skin cells while micro-polishers smooth and refine skin surface. Skin is treated to a refreshing scrub, giving it a vibrant glow coupled with a silky smooth feel. Use once or twice a week, paying special attention to elbows, knees and heels for an all over velvety soft sensation.

Reason for shortlisting:
Familiarization. I'm currently using the Biotherm Aquasource product range, and find the high effectiveness on hydration as it has always been emphasizing and promising through the media. But still not sure about it's body care

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub
Product Description: A gentle exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells whilst invigorating and helping to boost circulation. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and better prepared to absorb moisture

Reason for shortlisting:-
Body Shop has always been popular about its body care products, plus I always love gragefruit scent which make me feel refreshing.

Garnier Bodylight Brightening Exfoliating Scrub
Comment by

The Garnier Bodylight Scrub comes in a tube which is handy in the shower. The product looks rather like a yellow gel when squirted out of the tube, but do be warned that you don’t need much. It doesn’t look like there are any grains in it unlike most other body scrubs. I’m used to those with apricot kernals or ground bits of seed in it, but you don’t get that in the Garnier. What you get is hardish granules which I’m informed is sugar (it doesn’t attract ants though).

When rubbed on the body, the translucent yellow gel turns white and you can feel the hardish granules on the surface of your skin. It dissolves as you go along and I always take care never to rub too hard but as Garnier uses sugar as their exfoliating ingredient, I find that it does not scratch your skin unlike apricot kernals. A good rigorous scrub of the skin in the shower is enough to leave you with lovely soft skin when you step out, with a lingering scent of lemons.

It is recommended that you use the scrub twice a week. I used it about 2-3 times a week and a tube will last you about 1.5-2 months. However, for this one month, I found that the skin on my arms and legs were smooth and nice, with no rough bits especially around the elbows and knees.

Reason for shortlisting:-
It's attractive price at RM19.90 plus the good comment from, plus the strong commercials. However I wonder, with this price, will the desired effectiveness be there?

Oh, I need some advice please !

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Power of make-up. Guys, hope this didn't give you a shock!

I have idly browsed through youtube for some make-up tips this afternoon, and incidentally went through some funny Taiwan TV shows about make-up.

Guys, hope this didn't give you a shock!
Girls, how much time and money do you spend on your make-up (including myself...hehe)

For your viewing pleasure...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Money Planning

I have pretty bad financial planning. I used to work in a bank, worked on various short and long term financial budgets and plannings for years, and received numerous credits from them. However when it comes my personal financials, it's screwed. I have today done up a simple spending ratio table (% spending/income) based on my monthly expenses for my own easy reference. This is not the first time I did this, but I think I should stick it up to a dashboard to remind myself every now and then of my current improper spending manner (since years ago), and the minimum desired stage which I'm tempting to reach. It is not some kind of mission impossible somehow, just need little more control and determination. My monthly spending ratio:

Spending Ratio
Items CurrentDesired
Housing Loan0%0%
Hire Purchase14%20%
Credit Cards15%5%
Other Loans33%0%
Jasper Boy14%14%
Petrol & Tolls5%5%
Others (clothing, skin care, glossaries)6%6%


How about you?

Few reminders for myself:

(i) first priority - pay bills first;

(ii) force save some money no matter how small the amount. Make it a habit;

(iii) do a shopping list before step out of the house;

(iv) try to plan ahead and buy items from sale;
(v) keep record on what and where the money was spent;

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My post partum slimming took a little longer (cont...)

Hi, I'm back with my slimming progress.

1st monthWeight: 64kg. Confinement month. I was prohibited to step out of the house. The confinement lady Mrs Loh cooked a lot of heaty and fattening food, but my appetite has immediately gone back to same as before pregnant. Mrs Loh complained to my mother almost everyday, “Your daughter eat so little. She’s on diet so fast after delivery? My pevious customer ate 1 whole chicken a day!” Goodness….

2nd monthWeight: still > 60kg. Still on maternity leaves. Back to normal meals and diet. My weight somehow dropped a little as my water retention has dropped (no more swollen legs, scary). But still couldn’t fit my old clothes. I asked for company from my girl friends to shop around boutiques at Bangsar to renew my closet. There was nothing I could do for slimming first 2 months after delivery, as I went through c-section, so everyone was stopping me from slimming courses or traditional massages treatments.

3rd monthWeight: 58kg, and it just stopped there :( I was supposed to do something about it, but then realized that I had to spend most of my time with Jasper Boy. Plus, I haven’t done up my action plan!

6th monthWeight: 55kg. This time, it was really stagnant there and wouldn’t move at all. Still couldn’t fit myself to my old clothes. My body shape was out. Sigh…Out of desperation, I called up the Cres My Slimming Room at Lot 10 for some advice, tempted to consider to sign up for a slimming course. Why I chose Cres? Simply because they are using Cellnique products. I rely on Cellnique facial products a lot, and had no clue about which other slimming centres/products are reliable, so just made my choice based on familiarization.

The friendly beauty advisor Hui Ling mentioned that my problem was not really serious, just need some toning and firming. Her suggestions:-

** Electropolysis – Aim to tone and rebuild muscles.

** Ultrasonolysis - Use of low frequency ultrasound waves to break down fats at the same time increase metabolism.

** Meals – No strict diet needed, but have to cut down carbo intake. The variety of food intake was advised during my weekly visits. Sometimes she would advise to eat a lot of meat with small amount of rice/no rice for that particular week, as meat could help burn fat at faster pace. Other times she would ask to eat a lot of vege (selected), also with less rice, for the whole week. Some days I would go for normal meals, with grapefruit (which I find it a bit sour and bitter) after each lunch/dinner which help to burn fat as well. Actually out of all, I believe the main emphasis here is “LESS CARBO”….

9th monthWeight: 46kg. I’m finally myself again.

Me + young sis 2 days before delivery (68kg)

Me + Jasper Boy Dec 2009 (46 kg)

I passed by the Cres My Slimming Room at Lot 10 few months after that, and found that the shop has been closed, and space rented by a new facial saloon. Just got to know that there is one outlet opened in Gardens Mall.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My post partum slimming took a little longer

Naturally, slimming is an issue bothering and wandering around my mind during pregnancy. One of the main negative points that cause us ladies to get worry about having babies is apparently gaining tremendous weight due to over eating to satisfy one's cravings that is so so so difficult to get rid of .....fats on waist, cellulite on thighs, looser and sagging butt etc.

I delivered Jasper Boy in July 2008. I still remember the first time when I went to my check up and confirmed that I was pregnant for 7 weeks, the nurse at the clinic took my weight. It was 47kg (My height is 161cm). After that every time when I went for my regular check up on monthly basis, my weight gained pretty slow. When I reached my 7th month pregnancy, Doctor Tan asked me,"Are you on diet? Your baby is a little too small and you should start worrying a little about it. With your baby's current growing progress, he (yes, it's a boy!) might later come out under weight to about 2.8-2.9kg, which is not healthy." That time was around my 6th month pregnancy and my weight was about 55kg.

And actually, some of my colleagues had just noticed that I got pregnant that time. One of the Finance Manager (whom I met in office every now and then, and already a mother of 2 kids) asked, "Wow, you are pregnant, wonderful. With this size, I think it's about 2 or 3 months right?" What! You must be kidding me. In fact, I didn't actually go on any diet at the point of time. My appetite was exactly the same as before I was pregnant, except that I was craving for sweeties a lot of time. I liked red bean soup or bubur chacha after dinner, and every morning before go to work, I would buy some sweet buns and candies (especially Mentos in berry flavours) from the convenience store opposite my office building and put at my work place for the convenience to satisfy my cravings for the day. Particularly, not to forget, my favourite sweeties during that time was the japanese when I saw it 's sold somewhere I would surely grab a pack or two. Sweet sweet sweet stuff, sigh, I should feel lucky that I didn't get diabetic because of that. Anyhow, I started to increase my number of meals, and continue with the sweet stuff.

My whole pregnancy was smooth. My calcium level was good, sugar level was fine, and my baby was in healthy conditions all the time (even though there was 1 time I accidentally fell down from a staircase in my 5th month pregnancy, thank God for His blessings) I asked the Doctor Tan whether I'm having a healthy baby free from sickness especially down syndrome, she assured me again and again and again. She told me that if a baby has physical shortage or sickness, it can be detected via ultrasound screening which I was doing in every check ups. However if the baby has minor mental problem, it couldn't be detected via normal scanning.

For the last 2 month of my pregnancy my weight flew like nobody business. When I went for more frequent check ups as my delivery due date was getting nearby, Doctor Tan got a surprise and asked "What have you been eating? Your weight flies so much,"

I went through my delivery through cesareans, and stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. I had to lie on bed whole day the first day after the operation, and managed to get up from bed to take a walk around the second day. I still remember when I was wandering around, some of the people thought that I was still pregnant and was waiting for delivery sad...I started to get more worry and determined to find a way to slim down!
I was 68kg in my 9th month pregnancy. And my baby came out at 3.25kg, perfectly healthy weight. On one hand I was glad to be able to make it for my baby, but there was a feeling of guilt on the other hand, which I think only ladies could understand. Why? 68kg (total weight) - 3.25kg (my baby's weight) = 64.75kg (My weight!). Oh my God! (to be continue...)